Vyvyan Green Watercolours
South Lane, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire: 102713
Watercolour on Arches Hot Press, 300gsm..
6" x 8"


I was first introduced to this fantastic view of South Lane whilst trolling through Flicker some 3 or 4 years ago - I came across some really good photos at that time, and learned that the shot was actually taken from Victoria Park, quite some ways away...
My next trip to the UK found me in the said Park armed with my camera, and ready to get some good images for my source library.
Alas, not being too familiar with Holmfirth, other than the main drags (and various drinking establishments thereabouts), I found myself surprisingly far from my intended subject and lacking both a tripod (again) and a telephoto lens of sufficient magnification to get myself a really good shot...
Anyway, I did my best - that was on April 7th of last year... and here's the first painting...
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