Vyvyan Green Watercolours
Church Street, Whitby, North Yorkshire.
Art Card 5" x 7"
Image: 4" x 6"
Ref: 025UK

Now this is an actual place, I've been there many times. The street, and the outdoor Market a little ways down and around the corner, and the town all carry a degree of fame - historically and currently, in fact and fiction, in books, paintings, film and TV.
A remarkable number of people I talk to have their own ideas as to where this street is, and how well they know it; some say it's in the old part of Québec City, others say it's in Montreal. There are those that say it's definitely in Italy, or maybe it was somewhere in France, - a lady with a New York accent and a flowery hat told me it was in Austria, and that she remembers it well....
I'm easy.....
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