Vyvyan Green Watercolours
Todmorden Canal, West Yorkshire
watercolour on Arches 140lb Cold Press
7" x 10"
This based on a black and white photo in a book called The Essential West Riding, photos by one Herbert Whone, to whom I must doff my cap for his artistic ability. The original photo was taken quite some time ago, at least 40 years, probably more like 50.
Mr. Whone has captured and portrayed in his book the essence of that part of Yorkshire in which I grew up, at the time in which I grew up there, and with a remarkable talent that I have not seen equalled anywhere.
I went looking for this place on one of my fairly recent trips back to the UK, took me forever to find it, because it has changed so much. There's trees growing everywhere, I think they pulled the chimney stack down, all the buildings are cleaned up, it's all very upscale, uptown, and trendy...... I took photos for my own reference, but I wouldn't want to paint it as it is today....... no siree ......
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