Vyvyan Green Watercolours
Mississauga Lake, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
Watercolour with gouache
7" x 10"
I painted scene this a lot in the past.

So, when I came across a photo of one of those paintings, I thought I'd give it another whirl. I played around with it a little, and this is the result.

This place served as a camping spot for a few days each August, for some five years or so, for a variety of friends and myself as we rested after doing the Buckhorn Art Show, and before setting off to do the Westport Show. That would be fifteen, twenty years ago.....
My, what stories were carved out during my sojourn there, with all those artists and friends, at those art shows and around those towns; stories involving various combinations of wine, women, songs, a canoe, cherry pies, lots of friends, laughs.....

And, I'm happy to hear, those stories are still told whenever two or three of those artists get together.......
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