Vyvyan Green Watercolours
Gros-Morne, Côte de Gaspé, Quebec.
7" x 10"

Another piece from my trip to the east coast......

In this piece, for artistic reasons, I have edited out the words 'Gros-Morne' that some industrious soul has laboured to inscribe, by some means, on the side of the hill. Whilst the signage may serve a practical purpose to those that view it, be it from land or sea, I felt it would be a distracting element in my painting....

I absolutely love the Gaspé Peninsular and find it quite magical. I went in fall, just as the leaves were changing colour, and just after the tourists had gone home. I seemed to have the whole place to myself most of the time, that included the roads, the beaches, the sky, the motels, and the bars - I couldn't have timed it better.

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